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Everything you need to know about OXS subwoofer

Everything you need to know about OXS subwoofer
Many of you have been asking questions about the subwoofer. We heard that and we are trying our best to reply to each of you. This piece is for all the things we wanna talk to you about the current status of the subwoofer, and what the future looks like.


1. OXS Thunder is designed with the ability to support with an extra subwoofer, via USB-A or Wi-Fi.

2. The first batch on Kickstarter will not come with a subwoofer.

3. We chose not to add an RCA connector for a 3rd-party subwoofer in order to keep the balance of the fine-tuned sound system.

4. We have a well-designed subwoofer ready (scroll down for the pic), but hasn't been put into MP (scroll down for reasons).

5. The production decision of the OXS subwoofer depends on how many of you need it.

6. Take a short survey here to help us know your thoughts:

There isn't a subwoofer... Why?

Originally, we wanna design a small size all-in-one soundbar for game lovers and sound enthusiasts to put on the desk. It is not a replicate of the home audio sound system, but we do aim for a better sound in a smaller body.
With no compromise on sound quality, we work hard on the inner construction and software algorithm to make the bass lower and better than other soundbars at this size. It has a built-in woofer with a bass-boost algorithm, also 4 passive radiators structured in a coaxial way to enhance the lower end. The bass has been tested and tuned by experts from Harman. We are confident that you are going to like it.
The audio team behind OXS has been designing high-end home audio systems such as Jacob Jenson S5 &S7 which are worth around $3700. This time we did cut down some requirements, but we fight to make as few compromises as possible on the sound quality when we aim for a relatively attractive price. OXS Thunder is designed to fulfill the immersive purpose with the satellite neck speaker, but also not too expensive for a "no-name" brand - as some of you may quote us that way.
We understand the importance of subwoofers in a sound system. That's why OXS Thunder is already designed with the ability to support an OXS subwoofer. When there is a subwoofer ready in the future, you guys won't need to make any upgrades for them to work - just press the button and connect it.

What about a quick change with the RCA connector?

Dolby Atmos sound system needs to be tuned and tested on each channel. When the development is finished, audio engineers and software engineers will spend hours testing different Dolby channels and audio formats. Then for days and weeks, they will be running back and forth from the test lab to their desk, tuning, and testing.
Adding the RCA connector is not complex work - and we know it. But adding it to the soundbar for a variety of subwoofers, will have a great chance of destroying the balance of the fine-tuned sound system. Then all you are left with is loud music, instead of the immersive experience.

We do have a well-designed subwoofer.

This is a completed wireless subwoofer in our office. It can connect with OXS Thunder via Wi-Fi, simply press and hold the button on the back. The low-end frequency can reach to 40Hz.
We did not add it to the OXS Thunder package for several reasons:
  1. It will make the price goes higher, and maybe too high for the market tier that we aim for.
  2. There is a quantity requirement when it comes to MP. We want to evaluate the needs and see how many of you actually want it.
  3. Also, we need to see how crowdfunding plays out before putting the subwoofer into production.
Your voice on this topic matters to us. If you got a minute, take a survey here to let us know more about your thoughts:

What will we do in the future?

One thing to be certain is - there is going to be a subwoofer that specifically works with OXS Thunder. What we are working on is when & how much.
After the debut on Kickstarter, we are committed to improving this product and developing more in the future. We are grateful that we can be discussing this subwoofer topic with you all, and we hope there is more to come for you.

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