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The brand OXS is young, but the team behind them isn't.

The brand OXS is young, but the team behind them isn't.
The name OXS is unheard of for all of you - and it is new to the team too. We are indeed a young brand, but the audio team behind it, isn't a bunch of green hands.

Who is OXS?

OXS is an immersive audio brand created by Rayleigh Labs - an acoustic solution team formed with experts in the sound algorithm, digital sound processing, hardware design, and industrial design field, from Harman and Philips. Engineers have been deep-diving into the audio industry for a decade. After they came together as Rayleigh Labs, they started to work with well-known brands such as Jacob Jenson, Marley, and more.

Sound travels a long way, we try to keep up.

"The S7 is designed for people who really enjoy good sound, and put high value on great design." 
Says Thomas Bennedsen, CCO of Jacob Jenson Design.
Jacob Jenson was one of the first movers in the industrial design field in Scandinavia. The brand he built has been bringing great and unique designs to people. Back in 2018, Rayleigh Labs became its partner of it. In the following years, we helped Jacob Jenson develop and launch S7 & S5 HOME THEATRE SYSTEMS.
During the cooperation, Jacob Jenson's team held a very high standard on sound experience. The sound system is comprised of a soundbar with a pair of wireless satellite speakers that are equipped with 11 channels and up to 18 drivers. Plus, the wireless-connected subwoofer brings you depth. To deliver a realistic immersive audio experience, the system has been built with Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 decoding and DTS 3D surround sound technologies. Also, with HDMI eARC to support any entertainment scenarios and make a perfect match to the TV.
This is a fantastic opportunity that we took on with the trust of Jacob Jenson's team, to help them reintroduce the name Jacob Jenson into audio.

Immersive isn't always about theater systems.

When we created OXS, we followed our experience and developed S3 & S5 - different types of soundbars, but all for home theater experience. S3 has been selling on amazon since 2021 and S5 is on its way from factory to the US warehouse.
But do we need more soundbars for the living room? Is home theater equal to immersive audio? We don't think so. We want to bring this immersive audio experience to more people, not just when you are sitting on the sofa watching movies, but also playing games. The immersive experience can be built in your game room, or maybe just on your desk.
So we designed OXS Thunder - the 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos Sound System for game lovers and all. It has a compact size, yet strong power. With fully tested and long-time tuning by sound experts, we hope that it can meet your standard for sound.

A few more words for you all...

It has been over a year since we have been working on OXS Thunder, and it's a great honor that all of you gathered here to help us build this product better. We deeply appreciate that, and look forward to any comments when you finally get a hand on it.

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