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Powerful, Beyond Gaming: Tom's Guide Loves OXS Thunder Pro Soundbar

Powerful, Beyond Gaming: Tom's Guide Loves OXS Thunder Pro Soundbar

This blog post summarizes key points from a recent review of  OXS Thunder Pro Dolby Atmos® 5.1.2 Gaming Soundbar  by Jason England on Tom's Guide (published May 25, 2024). Click here to view the original article.

In his review, titled "I tried the OXS Thunder Pro soundbar for a month, and now I'm ditching my pro studio speakers," Jason shares his excitement of welcoming the Thunder Pro soundbar onto his desk, saying "goodbye" to his studio monitors.

First of all, Jason mentions that he has three key requirements for audio setup:

  • Versatile Listening: Being great for listening to a wide range of music genres (hip-hop, drum and bass, metal, classical, etc.).
  • Immersive Gaming: Creating an engaging soundscape for extensive gaming sessions.
  • Studio-Quality Editing: Offering a studio monitor-esque quality for music production.

After trying many speaker systems, Jason has finally found the right one for him - the OXS Thunder Pro 5.1.2 desktop soundbar. Let's delve into why.

Lighting Up a Soundstage

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When it comes to a gaming soundbar, the first thing to talk about must be gaming and general listening. Jason, an audiophile himself, values a diverse soundstage with highs, mids and lows, as well as the quality of spatial immersion.

 OXS Thunder Pro  excels in these two aspects. This compact desktop soundbar packs 2 up-firing tweeters, 2 front full range speakers, 2 side-surrounding speakers and 2 built-in 20W woofers into a 24-inch bar. It achieves true Dolby Atmos® surround sound, further enhanced by the horn structures on both sides for an expansive sound field and clear definition of subtlest tones. Also, the bass gets a boost with 4 passive radiators and bass-enhancing algorithms.

Versatile Connectivity & Easy Control

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 OXS Thunder Pro  boasts a variety of connection options, including HDMI In and HDMI eARC (at an HDMI 2.1 standard supporting 3D audio effect like Dolby Atmos®), USB-C, AUX and Bluetooth. It is versatile and compatible with your game console, PC, TV and phones. Besides, it also comes with headset jack and Mic-in jack, easily connect with your headsets and microphones.

Controlling the Thunder Pro is a breeze. The toggle control allows quick access to volume, EQ modes and input sources. Additionally, the remote control provides complete control, such as light adjustment and custom functions saved to the settings button. These two methods ensure convenience for all your usage scenarios. Jason also loved this.

"On top of this, the dial controller is fantastic for desk use and the remote means if you wanted to plug this into a TV, you’ve got the means to manipulate it from the couch. Superior sound and a night and day difference in connectivity saw the sun set on his Ruarks." He remarked.

(Image credit: Future)

Neutral Sound & Editing Power

Reviewer Jason highlights the OXS Thunder Pro's sound neutrality as a major benefit for audio editing. While acknowledging that studio monitors might offer even more precise detail, he emphasizes the Thunder Pro's strength in versatility.

"That’s not to say the  Thunder Pro  achieves that same level of absolute clarity that a studio monitor can... But once again, I’m not looking for the cream of the crop in one specialty — I want something that can do it all."

The 75Hz - 20kHz frequency range delivers a faithful representation of the sound spectrum, making it suitable for editing tasks. "It gets close enough in what I create to present a decent representation of the sound spectrum. Add to that the MOBA Mode and you’re onto an editing winner." Jason further praised the MOBA mode for allowing him to get a neutral-ish representation of all instruments, a valuable feature for his editing workflow.

The aforementioned MOBA mode is one of OXS Thunder Pro's three distinctively tuned game modes. It prioritizes key in-game sounds like ability cooldowns, character voice lines, and environmental cues, which allow you to anticipate enemy movements, react quickly to changing situations. The other modes are designed for FPS and racing games. The FPS mode is tailored to provide you with an edge over your opponents by amplifying critical audio cues like footsteps. Meanwhile, the RAC mode delivers a heightened sense of realism, enabling you to hear every trail you blaze and every roar of the engine with precision. These game modes bring a dynamic and lifelike experience to your gaming sessions.

Tom's Guide Recommends

While the  OXS Thunder Pro gaming soundbar  might not be ideal for professional or enthusiastic music creators, it shines for hobbyists like Jason England. If you're brimming with song ideas and need a versatile tool for editing and immersive gaming, this soundbar is a great way to go.

Thunder Pro delivers accurate sound reproduction for editing your musical creations. It is primarily a fantastic surround sound system too, ideal for enjoying games, music and movies. It packs a powerful punch in a sleek and compact design, giving you everything you need in one place.


About OXS

OXS - Play For Fun!

OXS is established in 2021 alongside the emergence of Generation Z. It is dedicated to providing gamers with a comprehensive gaming audio experience. Over the past decade, the team's creations have been widespread in home and automotive spaces, collaborating with world-renowned brands such as Jacob Jenson, House of Marley, and Jamo.

OXS stands for Omni XSpace, meaning All-Directional Sound Space. As a professional gaming audio brand with the vision of reshaping the experience with sound and letting the world hear beauty, OXS focuses on innovative products to create an infinitely rich, immersive, multi-dimensional, and all-encompassing spatial soundscape. It aims to build a distributed immersive sound space with rich layers, precise orientation, and clear sound quality.

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