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WIRED's Top Pick: "Best Desktop Soundbar" OXS Thunder Pro Shines in Sound Quality

WIRED's Top Pick: "Best Desktop Soundbar" OXS Thunder Pro Shines in Sound Quality

June 12, 2024 - OXS is excited to announce that our  OXS Thunder Pro Dolby Atmos® 5.1.2 Gaming Soundbar  has been awarded the "Best Desktop Soundbar" by the world's top-tier media WIRED. Their recent article, "The Best Computer Speakers for Jamming Out in Your Home Office", praised the Thunder Pro after months of testing various speakers across a range of preferences and budgets. We're proud to be recognized alongside brands like SteelSeries, Razer, Logitech G and Creative.

Surprising Sound Quality

Simon Hill, the author of the WIRED article, was initially unsure what to expect from a soundbar with no separate subwoofer in a compact design and futuristic style. However, he was immediately impressed by the powerful bass when Dead Prez's "Hip Hop" kicked in, bouncing the passive radiators up and down.

"The sound is expansive, the bass is far better than it has any right to be without a large subwoofer, and the highs are surprisingly crisp." Simon remarked, approving the sound performance of the  OXS Thunder Pro . In another section of the article, discussing the Razer Leviathan V2 Pro under "Best Soundbar and Subwoofer Combo," he noted that "Overall sound quality, even with the added whump of the subwoofer, falls short of the OXS Thunder Pro."

Thunder Pro is Dolby Atmos® certified, creating a truly immersive sound space through 5 front and side channels, 2 up-firing channels and 1 extra built-in bass unit. This 5.1.2 soundbar also boasts 3 distinct gaming EQ modes – FPS, RAC and MOBA – for optimized sound performance in different genres.

"The first-person shooter mode offered excellent spatial sound, allowing me to hear the footsteps and grunts of a cloaked Elite in Halo Infinite just in time to avoid being impaled. The surround sound for movies is also great." Simon praised.

Perfect Size and Packed with Features

With its compact design,  OXS Thunder Pro  is 24 inches long and just 3 inches tall. It fits perfectly under Simon's monitor, saving the desk space.

Thunder Pro comes with a toggle control - a wired control dial. "The wired control unit lights up, acts as a volume dial and power button, and has EQ and mode buttons on the back. The design may be ostentatious for some, though you can turn the lights off." Also, the remote control has all the settings you need.

"Connectivity is comprehensive with USB-C, 3.5-mm aux-in, Bluetooth 5.0, two HDMI ports (one eARC), a 3.5-mm mic-in, and a 3.5-mm stereo jack." This versatility ensures compatibility with game consoles, PCs, TVs and phones.

WIRED's Recommendation

 OXS Thunder Pro  is a truly impressive desktop soundbar. WIRED recommends this Best Desktop Soundbar for anyone seeking an all-in-one solution, especially if your primary activities are gaming and watching movies.

Click here to view the full article on WIRED.


About OXS

OXS - Play For Fun!

OXS is established in 2021 alongside the emergence of Generation Z. It is dedicated to providing gamers with a comprehensive gaming audio experience. Over the past decade, the team's creations have been widespread in home and automotive spaces, collaborating with world-renowned brands such as Jacob Jenson, House of Marley, and Jamo.

OXS stands for Omni XSpace, meaning All-Directional Sound Space. As a professional gaming audio brand with the vision of reshaping the experience with sound and letting the world hear beauty, OXS focuses on innovative products to create an infinitely rich, immersive, multi-dimensional, and all-encompassing spatial soundscape. It aims to build a distributed immersive sound space with rich layers, precise orientation, and clear sound quality.


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