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Headsets VS Speakers VS Soundbars: Which One to Choose for Gaming

Headsets VS Speakers VS Soundbars: Which One to Choose for Gaming

Sound is a game-changer in the world of gaming. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or a casual player, audio plays a crucial role in enhancing your gaming experience. Immersive gaming audio can transport you to the heart of the action, help pinpoint enemy locations, and amplify every thrilling moment. With so many gaming audio options available, which one is the best for you? Let's break down the three main contenders: headsets, speakers, and soundbars.

Gaming Headset

Headsets are the most basic gaming audio gear. They usually come with built-in microphones, providing seamless communication with teammates and fostering strategy and teamwork during online battles.

Portability is another key advantage of headsets. Unlike speakers, which require a significant amount of space and specific placement methods, headsets are compact and easily portable. They adapt effortlessly to various setups and can be conveniently stored when not in use.

Additionally, headsets can effectively block out external noise and deliver surround sound, allowing you to be absorbed in the game world without disturbing others. You can buy a gaming headset with immersive surround sound for less than $300.

However, comfort can sometimes be an issue with headsets, and prolonged use may lead to ear fatigue or potential hearing damage. Furthermore, compared to speakers, the audio experience of headsets can feel confined to your ears, offering a less natural soundscape.

Gaming Speaker System

Gaming speaker systems are definitely the best choice in terms of sound quality, as they can provide immersive Dolby surround sound and explosive bass effects. They deliver a wider soundstage, creating a more natural and expansive audio experience that fills the room.

Beyond gaming, speaker systems excel in delivering music and movie audio, allowing you to share the unparalleled audio experience with family members and friends in the room.

It's important to note that speaker systems with high-quality audio often come with a premium price, typically exceeding $400. Additionally, such systems usually include at least five speakers and a subwoofer, which can take up significant space. They also require a dedicated setup and careful adjustment to achieve the perfect sound experience. In addition, speakers might not be ideal for shared living spaces or late-night gaming sessions, as the powerful subwoofer often causes complaints from others.

Gaming Soundbar

Soundbars offer a compact and streamlined alternative to traditional speaker setups. The standout feature of soundbars lies in their integration of all channels into a single bar. This design not only saves space but also simplifies setup and usage. Say goodbye to tangled wires and complex configurations as you embrace the straightforward setup of a soundbar.

In recent years, the sound performance of gaming soundbars has become competitive with that of gaming speaker systems at the same price. Many soundbars now support immersive surround sound technologies like Dolby Atoms®, delivering an upgraded audio experience that immerses you in the game world.

What's more, gaming soundbars often boast a cooler appearance and feature reactive RGB lighting system, perfectly complementing your gaming setup and enhancing the immersive gaming experience.

 OXS Thunder Pro+  gaming system features 7.1.2 channels Dolby Atmos® surround sound, equipped with a desktop soundbar and the world's first satellite neck speaker. Boasting 10 distinct audio channels, this setup creates an immersive audio space that places you directly in the heart of the action.

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About OXS

OXS - Play For Fun!

OXS is established in 2021 alongside the emergence of Generation Z. It is dedicated to providing gamers with a comprehensive gaming audio experience. Over the past decade, the team's creations have been widespread in home and automotive spaces, collaborating with world-renowned brands such as Jacob Jenson, House of Marley, and Jamo.

OXS stands for Omni XSpace, meaning All-Directional Sound Space. As a professional gaming audio brand with the vision of reshaping the experience with sound and letting the world hear beauty, OXS focuses on innovative products to create an infinitely rich, immersive, multi-dimensional, and all-encompassing spatial soundscape. It aims to build a distributed immersive sound space with rich layers, precise orientation, and clear sound quality.


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