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OXS Thunder Pro+ in Taiwan: Electrifying Debut

OXS Thunder Pro+ in Taiwan: Electrifying Debut

May 21, 2024 - OXS is thrilled to thank the amazing gamers and audiophiles in Taiwan! The  OXS Thunder Pro+ , a revolutionary 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos® gaming sound system, made its show-stopping debut at the Taipei Game Show 2024. Not only did attendees experience its immersive audio firsthand, but the excitement also translated into a booming crowdfunding campaign in Taiwan. In this blog, we'll take you through both sides of the story - the electrifying debut and the current results of the crowdfunding project.

Thunder Pro+ Rocks Taipei Game Show 2024

January 25-28, 2024 - the energy was electric at the Taipei Game Show, a vibrant showcase of the latest games and innovations for gamers across Asia. Amidst the buzz, one debut stole the show: the  OXS Thunder Pro+ , a revolutionary gaming sound system making its first-ever offline appearance in Taiwan!

A wave of friends flooded our stand. After participating in our activities and directly experiencing the whole system, they were amazed by the powerful OXS Thunder Pro+.

"Looks amazing and sounds even better! When can I get mine?!" - This is what we heard most during this event.

With high expectations and calls, Thunder Pro+ started the crowdfunding project in Taiwan.

Funded! Let's game on!

The OXS Thunder Pro+ launch on March 21st was a massive success! Within just 10 hours, it surpassed NT$5,000,000 pledged by over 350 enthusiastic backers. As of May 5, 2024, the excitement continues! We've reached over 600 backers, with a total funding amount exceeding NT$10 million.

We are incredibly grateful for the trust and support you've shown the  OXS Thunder Pro+  and our OXS brand. Thank you for making this such a resounding success!


About OXS

OXS - Play For Fun!

OXS is established in 2021 alongside the emergence of Generation Z. It is dedicated to providing gamers with a comprehensive gaming audio experience. Over the past decade, the team's creations have been widespread in home and automotive spaces, collaborating with world-renowned brands such as Jacob Jenson, House of Marley, and Jamo.

OXS stands for Omni XSpace, meaning All-Directional Sound Space. As a professional gaming audio brand with the vision of reshaping the experience with sound and letting the world hear beauty, OXS focuses on innovative products to create an infinitely rich, immersive, multi-dimensional, and all-encompassing spatial soundscape. It aims to build a distributed immersive sound space with rich layers, precise orientation, and clear sound quality.


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