Remember those exciting gaming sessions with Dad?

Dad wasn't just a life teacher, he was your first teammate. Do you still remember the thrill of getting your first game console from your father? It must be a cherished gift that the little you wanted to hold all day. Those hours spent side-by-side on the couch, conquering virtual worlds together, were pure magic.

Make new memories, together.

Upgrade your sound, share more fun. OXS gaming soundbars create an immersive audio experience that takes your gaming to the next level. Imagine the sound of explosions thundering all around you, or the roar of the crowd as you score the winning goal – all shared with Dad.

Remember those battles for the remote?

Dad glued to the TV, watching NBA, World Cup or European Championship, while you just want the cartoons. When his team scores, he erupts in cheers, fists pumping. You can easily see the excitement and the pure joy of the game through his eyes. Gradually, you're right there beside him, cheering together, totally invested.

Relive that passion, shared.

Upgraded TV sound, better entertainment. OXS TV soundbars bring the stadium atmosphere right into your living room. Every heart-pounding moment comes alive with OXS's immersive surround sound. It's more than just watching the game – it's feeling it, together with Dad.

Father's Day Story Time! Share & Win

In the OXS Father's Day Facebook post. Share your dad-and-child memories in the comment. It could be the games you loved, your favorite football teams, something impressive about dad, or the feeling of being a dad yourself... Get the chance to win a prize!

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